About Us: Combination With HealthPartners


Head + Heart, Together

Park Nicollet and HealthPartners both believe that the best health care is local and personal. We are confident that our combination of two complementary, like-minded organizations who share similar missions and values will improve your health care experience as we partner to improve health and help people live life to the fullest.

We understand that you may have a few questions. Please see below to learn more about this combination.


Q1: What will change as a result of Park Nicollet and HealthPartners combining?

Over time, we expect the Park Nicollet HealthPartners combination will mean more options and even better care at our clinics and hospitals.

Q2: Can I still go to the same clinic and see my doctors and nurses?

You can continue to go to your neighborhood Park Nicollet Clinic and Urgent Care centers at the same location and see the same doctors, nurses and clinicians that you know and trust. Methodist Hospital is open 24 hours every day of the year at our St. Louis Park campus. Park Nicollet’s name, phone numbers, email addresses and our web site remain the same.

Q3: Can I still use the same health insurance?

Yes, you can use the same health insurance or other form of payment that you’ve always used. Patients of both clinic systems will have the same access and coverage under their health plan as they did before.

Q4: Will your phone number change? Who do I call when I need an appointment?

Our phone number will not change. You can still call us at the same number to make an appointment or ask us any questions.

Q5: Will HealthPartners and Park Nicollet clinics and clinicians share access to my medical record?

Not immediately. But as our organizations combine, we will look at ways in which we can provide continuity of care across our entire system and our region.