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Park Nicollet completes state-of-the-art remodel of Methodist Hospital’s telemetry unit


Park Nicollet completes state-of-the-art remodel of Methodist Hospital’s telemetry unit

Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital opened a new telemetry unit for patients requiring around-the-clock heart monitoring. The $13 million renovation, which marries cutting edge technology and design with input from patients and families, opened Feb. 3.

“A patient’s treatment environment plays a critical role in the healing process,” said Angela Holte, clinical nursing director. “With state-of-the-art communications technology, enhanced in-room entertainment, and a redesigned layout that aims to minimize distractions and disturbances, patients will feel empowered, secure, and free to focus on getting well.”

Technology enhancements on the newly renovated telemetry unit include:

  • Voalte messaging— Call buttons connect to iPhones and allow text message and calls between patients and care staff
  • Responder 5 call light system— Calls coming from a patient are relayed directly to the nurse's wireless phone real time. This system is quiet, which promotes a healing stress free environment.
  • GetWell Network— Interactive, television based application eliminates the need for white boards in each room and allows patients to provide feedback in real time. Patients also have a bank of movies, health videos and internet options to choose from.
  • AeroScout – Real time location system to locate staff, patients and equipment. This is integrated with Responder 5 call light system and GetWell to announce staff presence in the room.
  • Video monitoring cameras in each room for patient safety.

    Other design elements include floor and work flow changes that keep medical supplies and staff preparation out of patient view to reduce anxiety and stress and promote an optimal healing environment.

    The project adds 24 medical and telemetry beds on Methodist Hospital’s formerly vacant 8
    th floor. “The new unit allows us to provide more patients with a private room experience,” Holte said. “In addition, we’ll be evaluating the new technologies we have integrated here to see if they can be deployed in other areas of the hospital to improve patient experience and health outcomes.”