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At Park Nicollet, we call upon personal experiences to inspire our constant improvement and lasting success. We believe outstanding health care is delivered when we merge the science and intellect of medicine with the compassion, spirit and humanity of our hearts. –David Abelson, MD, President, Park Nicollet HealthPartners Care Group

When you refer to Park Nicollet, you can be confident we will partner closely with you, communicate openly and return patients to your care.

Call 952-993-8500 or 866-993-5777 (toll free) to refer a patient to Park Nicollet.

Please have the following information available: your name and clinic, type of referral needed, department or specialty required and patient information.


To learn more about Park Nicollet as a place of employment, visit our clinician recruitment resources. 

After a series of successful surgeries, I've regained my passion for life and cooking. Graham, patient at Park Nicollet Orthopedics. Read more     Lasting personal change is posible through dedication and persistence. –Thomas Walsh, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon. Read more     I confidently refer my patients to Park Nicollet. Their specialists excel at scheduling and communications. Steven Saliterman, MD, Internal Medicine, Private Practice, St. Louis Park, Minn. Read more     Dr. Amy Criego, MD" />    I encourage our team members to call upon personal experiences. David Abelson, MD, President. Read more" />

Effective change can only happen when the patient and doctor work as a team. Elizabeth Bisinov, MD, Cardiologist. Read more " />
    After losing 170 pounds, I want to lead my patients by example. -Candace Johnson, Bariatric Nurse " />    They helped me address the emotions and psychology behind my eating disorder. Ashley, patient at Melrose Center. read more " />

I needed information, support and a doctor who had time to help me understand Parkinson's disease. -Liz, patient at Struthers Parkinson's Center. Read more" />    It is a privilege helping to empower patients with Parkinson's disease. -Martha Nance, MD, Neurologist. Read more" />