Volunteer Services: Mandatory Education for Volunteers


Mandatory education is required for all active Park Nicollet volunteers who began their volunteer service prior to 2014. If you began volunteering in 2014, you do not need to complete this packet. If you are not currently a volunteer at Park Nicollet, you do not need to use these resources. Please click "Become a Volunteer" on the left to learn more about joining our team. 
Each year, Park Nicollet volunteers and staff are asked to review safety and policy information by completing Mandatory Education. We want you to be educated and confident in your volunteer role.
Below is the mandatory education packet, which includes Park Nicollet's Code of Conduct and Confidentiality policy, as well as Volunteer Services policy topics. 

In order to complete mandatory education in 2014, you will need to:

1. Read the mandatory education packet
2. Complete and submit the mandatory education survey

The mandatory education material are offered in two different formats: Word, and PDF. The content is the same in each format. We want to make sure that our materials are compatible with your computer, so use the file that works best for you. 

Mandatory Education Packets:
2014 Mandatory Education Packet (PDF)
2014 Mandatory Education Packet (Word)

Mandatory Education Survey:

**Remember: Your 2014 mandatory education is not complete until you have finished and submitted the online survey listed above.