Research and Education: Research


Research plays a critical role at Park Nicollet. We participate in over 200 studies annually and are a major site for the clinical evaluation of new medications and medical devices. Our practice-based, health services research contributes to better health outcomes and increased value. We conduct research throughout Park Nicollet primary care, specialty centers and Methodist Hospital to test effectiveness of new treatments and measure safety, cost and overall value for patients. 

Safety and Compliance
Clinical research is governed by federal, state and local laws and international codes of ethics. All research at Park Nicollet must be reviewed by a committee called an Institutional Review Board (IRB). An IRB ensures that the rights and welfare of patients in research studies are protected. The IRB is responsible for ensuring that patients and their families are informed about clinical research before they agree to participate and sign a consent document. The IRB continues to monitor and oversee research while it is being conducted.

Any person engaged in the design, conduct or reporting of a research project who is employed by Park Nicollet Health Services (PNHS), or who uses the resources of PNHS for research activities, must disclose any potential or real conflict of interest to HealthPartners Institute. Those involved in federally funded research have additional disclosure, reporting and training.

Secondary Interest and Objectivity in Research Policy

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