Park Nicollet Be Well Magazine: Overview


Be Well Magazine

For women, health isn't just the absence of disease – it’s also looking good, feeling good and having the ability to do what you want in life. Park Nicollet Be Well Magazine is here to help you live a healthier, happier life. Each issue brings you inspirational stories and useful health information – all backed by the experts at Park Nicollet. 

The Winter 2015 issue features:

Be Well MagazineFit for all seasons: The icy tundra we call home is all-to-often an excuse to avoid exercise, but there are plenty of ways to get active - and you don't even have to venture outside.

Care focused on you: Health care should be all about one thing: you. At Park Nicollet, we're constantly seeking ways to make each experience all about your comfort, your convenience and your best health.

Oh, baby: Meet some of the moms and babies who met for the first time in the new Methodist Hospital Family Birth Center, and learn what made their experiences unforgettable.

Also in this issue:

View the entire Winter 2015 Park Nicollet Be Well Magazine (PDF).
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