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At Park Nicollet Executive Health, we offer dedicated, personalized care to busy professionals. Our programs, classes and services are tailored to the special needs of the executive. With our flexible scheduling options, you’re sure to find what you need to efficiently care for your health.


  • Comprehensive executive health exam
  • Fitness consultations
  • In-person, telephone and online health and wellness coaching on topics including weight management, smoking cessation and stress management
  • Men and women’s health testing and screenings: cardiovascular risk factors, cancer screening, mammograms and bone density testing 
  • Nutrition consultations and ongoing nutrition guidance
  • Ongoing care

Your Executive Health exam includes:

  • A personal fitness evaluation, providing a baseline for program recommendations
  • A thorough, one-on-one consultation with your choice of a Park Nicollet Executive Health doctor
  • Laboratory and diagnostic tests, including hearing and vision screening and EKGs
  • Nutrition evaluation


  • Comprehensive half-day exams
  • No program age restrictions
  • Care provided by one of the top healthcare organizations the Twin Cities
  • Choice of a female or male doctor
  • Secure medical records available to you online, anytime and anywhere you need them
  • Competitive pricing
  • Access to Park Nicollet's network of medical and surgical services

Park Nicollet Executive Health can bill your company or insurance directly for covered services. We ask our executive patients to verify that their insurance covers care provided by Park Nicollet. If a portion of the service is not covered, the executive or company will be responsible for payment.