Pharmacy: Our Services


Park Nicollet Pharmacy offers many convenient and complimentary services:

Medication disposal

An estimated 250 million pounds of unused medicines are improperly disposed of each year, thereby threatening our ecosystem and overall health. Improper disposal also increases the risk of accidental poisoning and drug abuse. Bring your medicine, in its original labeled container, to one of our locations for safe, free disposal.

Medication management services

With medication management services, you can receive free, confidential one-on-one appointments with an experienced clinical pharmacist.

Pharmacist assistance

In addition to providing you educational material about your prescription, our pharmacists are available to answer any questions you have about your medications.

Prescription forwarding, transfers

Save time by forwarding or transferring your prescriptions to Park Nicollet Pharmacy. Fill your prescriptions at our on-site pharmacy and there's no need to make an extra stop on your way home. Our goal is to always have prescriptions ready for you on your way out of the building.

If you currently have prescriptions filled at another pharmacy, but want to transfer to Park Nicollet Pharmacy, we can do the work on your behalf.

Prescription refills

It's quick and easy to refill your prescriptions at any Park Nicollet Pharmacy location.

Call-in prescription refills are available by phone 24-hours-a-day using our automated telephone service. View Pharmacy phone numbers for each of our convenient locations.

Refills can be mailed to your home, free of charge. Call your pharmacy to request a refill by mail. Certain medications such as insulin, cannot be mailed due to temperature considerations.

OurQuick Refill online service also makes it easy to send a refill request to your pharmacy at a moment's notice. Note: This service is managed by HealthPartners; you will be redirected to an external site. Pick-up service only; does not include mailing options.

Download the free HealthPartners myHP application on your smart phone to refill a prescription for pick up (without having to log in) at HealthPartners pharmacies, including Park Nicollet Pharmacy. Select Quick Refill on the overview page.