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Geriatric assessments
Geriatric assessments are comprehensive appointments with a social worker and a doctor specializing in geriatric medicine. Before the appointment, a social worker meets with you or your loved one at home, in the clinic or over the phone to assess areas in which additional support may be needed. The appointment itself takes place in our St. Louis Park clinic and lasts about an hour.

We recommend geriatric assessments if you notice memory loss or confusion, changes in personality or mood, falls and balance problems, incontinence issues or difficulty with daily living activities. Referrals are not required for geriatric assessments.

Primary care
After a geriatric assessment has been completed, clinicians will work with the patient and family to determine next steps. Depending on the patient’s individual needs, we may recommend Senior Services for ongoing primary care.

Primary care services include care for acute concerns and chronic disease management, as well as Medicare visits.

Community care
Senior Services also provides care at select assisted living, transitional care and long-term care facilities.