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Bariatric Surgery


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Bariatric Surgery and Weight Center
3931 Louisiana Ave. S.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426


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Bariatric surgery app

Bariatric surgery is a journey. Park Nicollet Bariatric Surgery & Weight Center wants to help make it easier. So, we’ve partnered with Baritastic to offer a free app for your smartphone and other devices.

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Enter code 55426 to connect to Park Nicollet Bariatric Surgery & Weight Center.

You’ll like the app if you’re a current patient or considering bariatric surgery. Connect with Park Nicollet on the app, or call us with questions at 952-993-3180. The app includes

  • Nutrition, exercise and weight loss tracker
  • Daily vitamin and supplement reminders
  • Diet guidelines
  • Bariatric surgery basics
  • Daily journal
  • Social support group
  • Getting-to-surgery checklist
  • Bariatric food, water and bite timer