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Treatment at Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center is designed to heal your body, mind and spirit through state of the art medical treatment and integrative therapies.  

Our programs and services have received national recognition.

Biological Therapy

Biological therapies focus on your body’s own immune system to respond to a tumor. These therapies take advantage of this biological response, either directly or indirectly, to fight cancer or lessen side effects caused by other cancer treatments. 

Cancer Rehabilitation

Cancer rehabilitation helps you resume your normal life after being treated for cancer. Often a part of the treatment process, rehabilitation helps you resume your day-to-day functions after going through a serious illness. These specialists include doctors, nurses, social workers, physical therapists and occupational therapists ready to help you with job training, homemaker services, prostheses, and exercise programs.

Cancer Screenings

Cancer screenings are a set of tests or exams used to find cancer in patients with no current symptoms. Current American Cancer Society guidelines include methods for early detection of cancers like cervix, breast, colon and rectum, endometrium, and prostate. Depending on your age and gender, cancer screenings can also be helpful in the early detection of cancer of the thyroid, mouth, skin, lymph nodes, testes, and ovaries.

Cancer Surgery

Surgery is commonly the first step in the treatment and diagnosis of many solid cancers. Some forms of cancer are limited to a biopsy for diagnosis, while others may be effectively treated or cured from surgery. The goal of surgery is to reduce the total body tumor burden, which not only helps the diagnosis and treatment of cancer, but also may help ease patient pain.


Chemotherapy uses drugs to kill cancerous cells. Chemotherapy is a systemic treatment—meaning the drugs will travel through the whole body, not just the cancerous area. Systemic treatments like this can reach cancer cells that may have spread, or metastasized, to other areas of your body. 

Genetic Counseling

About 5-10% of cancers are hereditary. Genetic counseling is a process to determine the likelihood of acquiring one of these inherited cancers. The process typically begins by examining your family history to determine whether or not further testing is required. If a family history of certain cancers is present, a blood test can be given to determine whether or not you posses specific genes, like BRCA1 and BRCA2, that are related to the development of certain cancers. If you are found to have a high likelihood of developing cancer, preventative measures can be taken to help reduce your risk. Call 952-993-3248 to make an appointment and find out if genetic counseling is right for you.


Hematologists are physicians that specialize in the diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and/or investigation of disorders of the hematopoietic, hemostatic, and lymphatic systems, as well as disorders in interaction between the blood and blood vessel wall. 

Home Care

Home care allows you to enjoy the feeling of comfort and security of home while still receiving tremendous care for your cancer. Home care is the same team approach to treatment you would receive in a hospital, involving doctors, nurses, social workers and physical therapists, while never separating you from your family, friends, and loved ones. 

Hormone Therapy

Certain tumors require specific hormones to grow. Therefore, increasing or decreasing the specific hormones that influence tumor growth can be an effective treatment of cancerous tumors. This treatment is mainly used to minimize, or control, a tumor’s growth. It is most effective when the cancer is located in hormone-sensitive areas such as breast cancer and prostate cancer.


At Park Nicollet, we want to make a person’s final days as comfortable and meaningful as possible. Our team is committed to providing peace of mind to you and your family in a compassionate and dignified manner. We provide service to adults in their homes, at Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital, pursing facilities and in assisted living communities. 

Integrative Therapies

Park Nicollet understands that cancer treatments can cause mental and physical stresses on patients.  To help alleviate some of these stresses we offer several integrative therapies such as music therapy and acupuncture, providing our patients with the most comprehensive care possible.  

Novalis Radiosurgery

Radiosurgery is a medical procedure that allows non- or minimally invasive shaped-beam treatment of benign and malignant tumors in less than 30 minutes per treatment. Novalis Radiosurgery also treats other brain pathologies, such as trigeminal neuralgia and some causes of epilepsy.

Nutrition Counseling

Nutrition is a key factor in your cancer treatment and recovery. Nutritional counseling provides customized nutrition information based on disease, condition, specific dietary issues, and individual food preferences. The goal is to improve quality of life while promoting optimal wellness. 

Palliative Care

Palliative care can be thought of as comfort care. Palliative care is given in addition to other forms of cancer treatment and usually lasts from diagnosis through the course of the disease. Palliative care can be received from cancer care centers and hospitals, and can be given by doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers, psychologists and chaplains. 

Pastoral Care

Spiritual and emotional support is available to all patients, family members and staff. Support is available to those of all faiths and cultures and can be provided by any member of your church of congregation.


Psychotherapy can help patients cope with the emotional pain or stress of dealing with a serious illness. Meeting with a therapist can help improve a patient’s functioning and quality of life.

Radiation Therapy

One of the earliest forms of cancer treatment, radiation therapy destroys cancer's ability to spread.  Radiation therapy only affects the specific regions being treated, but can be used alongside a systemic treatment such as chemo- or hormonal therapies.  


Research plays a critical role at Park Nicollet.  We participate in over 200 studies annually and are a major site for the clinical evaluation of new medications and medical devices.  Our practice-based services research contributes to better health outcomes and increased value.  We conduct research throughout Park Nicollet primary care, specialty center and Methodist Hospital to test effectiveness of new treatments and measure safety, cost and overall value for patients.  

Music Therapy

Music therapy can help improve mood, movement, and verbal skills while decreasing pain, anxiety, depression and even shortness of breath among seriously ill patients.

Resource Library

Were you recently diagnosed or are you looking for information about your health?  Let us do the research for you.  Park Nicollet Patient Library is ready to answer your medical questions online or in person.  Our medical librarians are eager to equip and empower you with healthcare information.  

Social Work

For patients dealing cancer, an oncology social worker can be an indispensable part of the care team.  These trained professionals assist patients manage their day-to-day lives with cancer, including education, counseling, home care planning and referrals to community resources.  

Support for Family and Children

Trying to find the way to tell children about a family member's illness can be a very challenging thing.  Park Nicollet provides support and resources to help children understand and cope with a loved one's serious illness.  

Tumor Registry

Tumor registries are collections of information on patients with tumors.  Registries house valuable information and play a large role in the study and treatment of cancer.