Tracey Biehn - Ph.D., LP

Tracey Biehn - Ph.D., LP

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My Areas of Practice
I am a cognitive-behavioral psychologist who specializes in treatments for posttraumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression, stress management, insomnia, chronic pain, and chronic disease management. I provide patient-centered care that is grounded in solid empirical research. As a former service member of the Army Reserves I am also particularly interested in serving other members of the military and their family members.

General Information

Gender: Female

Practicing Since: 2015

Accepting New Patients: Yes


Practices at

Maple Grove Clinic and Specialty Center
9555 Upland Lane N
Maple Grove, MN 55369

Education & Certifications

Postdoctoral Fellowship: Salem VA Medical Center
Trauma and PTSD
Salem, Virginia

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.): University of Toledo
Clinical Psychology
Toledo, Ohio

Master of Arts: University of Toledo
Clinical Psychology
Toledo, Ohio

Bachelor of Arts: Metropolitan State University
St. Paul, Minnesota

Research & Publications

Biehn, T. L., Contractor, A. A., Elhai, J. D., Tamburrino, M., Fine, T. H., Cohen, G., Shirley, E., Chan, P. K., Liberzon, I. & Calabrese, J. R. (2016).  Latent dimensions of  posttraumatic stress disorder and their relations with  alcohol use disorder. Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology, 51, 421- 429.

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Spielmans, G. I., Biehn, T. L., Sawrey, D. L. (2010). A case study of salami slicing: Pooled analyses of duloxetine for depression. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics, 79, 97-106.


I grew up in White Bear Lake, MN and I am quite fond of my hometown. I enlisted in the Army Reserves at the age of 17 and served from 2001 to 2009. I attended graduate school in Toledo, Ohio. One of my greatest passions is traveling. Traversing the Panama Canal, sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, and touring the Mediterranean rank among my favorite trips. I enjoy volunteering for Big Brothers Big Sisters and a grief camp called Children’s Grief Connection.