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Patti's story of giving

Donations happen in all kinds of ways. Some are spontaneous, like folded bills dropped in a red Christmas bucket at the mall. It might be a text-gift after a major disaster. Perhaps it arrives monthly via electronic transfer to a favorite charity, nonprofit or faith community. All are meaningful, all make a difference.

Patti, Director of Palliative Medicine and Community Care at Park Nicollet, makes giving a regular part of her life. “I feel grateful that I’m able to give what I can to causes I care about.”

At Park Nicollet, Patti oversees many programs. “All do exceptional work” she says. “Two are growing very rapidly. Hospice has doubled in the past three years and now serves more than 200 patients daily. Growing Through Grief has expanded to seven part-time counselors connecting with nearly 500 students each week in 12 different school districts. These are kids from K-12 who’ve lost a family member or friend. They get wonderful help in small group and 1:1 sessions facilitated by those counselors.”

Patti supports these programs, and others like Park Nicollet Struthers Parkinson’s Center, through gifts to Park Nicollet Foundation. “The Foundation funds these programs and I’m happy to be a part of that,” she says. “I really appreciate that the Foundation looks outward. I live in St. Louis Park. I see the impact the Foundation is having locally.”

Patti plans how she gives and is happy with the result. “Payroll deductions make giving easy,” she explains. “I end up giving more than I would by writing a check once or twice a year. And each year I try to increase it a bit.”

She’s also thought about her future giving by blending that into a single, comprehensive strategy through a process called “values-based estate planning.”

“Park Nicollet and Thompson & Associates provide advisors who help you define what’s really important to you, how you want to provide for your family, and what giving options exist. I learned so much, especially about tax implications so you can maximize your giving. It’s a very helpful process.”

A highlight for Patti each year is the Park Nicollet Foundation Gala. “The Gala highlights a fund-a-need project and invites people to support it. Twice in the last three years they’ve chosen our programs – first Growing Through Grief, and then last year, Hospice. I’m proud to see how these programs are making a difference, thankful for the Foundation’s support, and excited to know that my gifts help. It’s a wonderful feeling!”

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Park Nicollet Foundation uses philanthropy to enhance the patient and family experience, promote innovation and research, and respond to the health care needs of our community. For more information about giving to Park Nicollet Foundation or an estate plan review, contact Elizabeth Warner at 952-993-5171.