Amy Criego, MD

Dr. Amy Criego, MDI love helping patients and families find success balancing their lives with type 1 diabetes. When I diagnose patients like Adam with type 1 diabetes, the first day is always hard. I tell them everything will be OK … usually with tears in my eyes as I know their lives will be forever changed. I also share my personal story of being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes before my 7th birthday and let them know they are not alone.

When I was diagnosed, pediatric diabetes education in my hometown was limited. A few months after diagnosis, at the suggestion of my diabetes educator in Bismarck ND, my parents and I traveled to the International Diabetes Center to learn more. My parents still speak of this experience and the lessons we learned about how to manage things successfully. My personal story allows me to approach my patients and their families with empathy and experience. I understand the work that it takes to live with type 1 diabetes every day because I also do it myself with the support of my own family.

My joy comes in watching patients and families successfully manage their type 1 diabetes. By providing tools, education, updates and recommendations with ongoing team support, it is great to see them learn to be successful with ongoing self-management. I feel fortunate that I was given the opportunity to provide care at the organization that formed such a strong and positive foundation for me and my family more than 35 years ago.

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