Candace Johnson


Never could I have imagined that my personal struggle with morbid obesity would someday lead to a change in my nursing profession. Or that I would have the privilege of working with others as they begin this profound journey of losing weight and finding themselves again.

I originally had bariatric surgery in 2007 and converted to a vertical sleeve gastrectomy in 2011. I have lost a total of about 170 pounds and have maintained my weight loss for more than 4 years. I often tell patients that I was born physically in 1963, but was given a new life in 2011.

I have learned so much on my journey of weight loss. As a bariatric nurse, I get to share my experiences, stories and advice with my patients. I get to help them navigate the same journey that I personally experienced such a short time ago. My first-hand experience with bariatric surgery makes it easy for me to relate to my patients and help them know what to expect at every turn. 

Bariatric surgery is a tremendous tool that can help people initially lose weight and then maintain a healthy weight. I love being there when patients have their “lightbulb moment” – realizing that weight-loss surgery really can make their lives better. 

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