Thomas Walsh, MD


Dr. Thomas WalshMy patient, Graham, has left a lasting impression on me. As physicians know, permanent lifestyle changes are incredibly difficult to bring about in our patients. I have learned I cannot get anyone to do something they don’t really want to do; any personal change has to come from within. Graham turned his life around by the strength of his will. He is a role model and a personal inspiration.

I use Graham as an example when talking to other patients about lifestyle changes and what remarkable improvements can be realized in the quality of their lives. Graham’s hand involvement is fairly severe. He did not manage his arthritis very closely as a younger man, and as a result, joint and soft tissue destruction was widespread and advanced.

He made a commitment to himself a few years ago, and dramatically changed his lifestyle. He improved his diet, quit smoking, began to exercise and sought medical and surgical attention for his arthritis. His recovery has far exceeded my expectations. Graham comes to our clinic with a smile on his face and has developed friendships with everyone. The positive energy he exudes is absolutely contagious.

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