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FLASH FWD (forward) is a 12-month program that combines nutrition, physical activity, lifestyle changes, emotional support and interactive health fairs. Our care team partners with your "family team" — working together, we'll create a personalized plan that helps your family achieve health and well-being goals. 

Created for kids, families
FLASH FWD was created for kids who are struggling to achieve a healthy weight. Children between the ages of 2 to 18 are invited to participate, whether they are at risk for medical conditions associated with excessive weight gain (type 2 diabetes, heart disease) or have body mass index (BMI) greater than the 85th percentile.

Learning how to eat better and be active requires lots of support — it's an entire-family effort. Our family-focused approach includes parents in all steps. We even offer special, parent-focused sessions at our health fairs.

A winning curriculum
Families Living Actively Striving for Health (FLASH) FWD is based on a Next Steps curriculum supported and published by American Academy of Pediatrics. Our Pediatrics and Pediatric Endocrinology teams have structured a special 12-month program to help families achieve their health goals. Participants attend six monthly meetings, then continue with follow-up meetings at nine and 12 months. Program components include:


During monthly visits with your doctor and dietitian, we offer tips for colorful meal ideas that will fit in your family's busy schedule. 

Physical activity

Your doctor and dietitian will recommend physical activities to meet your child's individual needs. Physical therapy assessments are available to determine if your child qualifies for 10 weeks of supervised physical therapy. 

Behavioral lifestyle

Physical changes require a positive mindset and behaviors. Lifestyle topics include: goal setting, eating behaviors and emotions, changing the home environment, screen time and sleep, self-esteem and relapse prevention.

Emotional support

Making changes is hard work and can be a bit scary for many kids. We have a psychologist who can help families with their emotions towards food and weight.

Health fairs

Your family can attend two health fairs every six months. Each fair includes group parent support sessions, group exercise and interactive nutritional booths.

Phone support

A pediatric registered nurse will help you navigate changes and find the best community resources for your ongoing success.
To sign up for FLASH FWD, contact your primary care clinician, or call 952-993-2300 for more information. Visits are covered by most insurance; please verify coverage with your insurance provider. Services are offered through Park Nicollet Clinic—St. Louis Park.