Caring for Kids: Orthopedics & Physical Therapy



At Park Nicollet, we treat it all, from twisted ankles to broken bones to concussions. Our experts provide immediate treatment for injuries and coach kids through complete recovery. Our caring and compassionate team offers convenient care across the metro area.

Pediatric rehabilitation and concussion management

We help kids of all ages following confirmed or suspected concussions. Pediatric physical therapy can help with ongoing feelings of dizziness, vertigo, neck pain, balance and gait disturbances. We start with low-energy and non-impact activities and help children make progress and safely return to their favorite sports. Occupational therpay and speech therapy also assist with vision, problem solving and attention problems following a concussion.

Impact testing is a neurocognitive assessment used to obtain a baseline score prior to injury, and then used again to assess post-injury. Impact testing takes 35 minutes and may be recommended before children return to sports or activities following a concussion. Baseline tests cost $10; post-concussion tests cost $25. Impact testing is not covered by insurance.

Physical therapy and orthopedic management

We help children who have straightforward and complex orthopedic issues. Concerns may be ongoing and based on medical diagnosis, such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida, or can be the result of a sports or activity-related injury.

We provide care before and after surgery, including strengthening, balance, crutch training and return to sports and daily living. Physical therapists offer home exercise programs for common pediatric orthopedic conditions, including Osgood Schlatter disease, Severs disease, patellofemoral pain and hip pain.

Rehabilitation and therapy

Our compassionate and highly-trained team of therapists manage orthopedic and sports injuries for children of all ages. We offer specialized sports rehab programs for overhead/throwing athletes, runners, dancers, gymnasts, hockey/figure skaters, skiers, cyclers and golfers.

Our team of experts get your child back to their sport of activity as quickly as possible while helping to reduce risk of injury. We offer outpatient orthopedic rehabilitation at 10 locations across the metro.

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