Health Tools: Interactive Tools


Ready to learn more about yourself? Focus on healthy behaviors? Take steps toward healthy lifestyle choices. Tailored and unique to you, this online experience will help you achieve your personal health goals for life.

Medicines for High Blood Pressure
How medicines work in your body. Taking medication as prescribed.

Drinking and Your Health
Assessing drinking. Creating new habits.

Taking steps to prevent or delay diabetes.

Dealing with stress
Breathe. Stress less. Calm is control.

Healthy Eating
Find little ways to eat well to help you live well.

Getting Active
Move more. Recharge your body and your mind.

Positive thinking
Retrain your brain. Positive is powerful.

Healthy weight
Discover the secrets to reaching a healthy weight.

Sleeping well
Rest. Recharge. Sleep is healing.

Medicine to treat depression
Depression can be treated in a number of ways. Medicines are one option.

Quitting smoking again
Kick your habit, this time for good!