Gastroenterology care services: Colonoscopy


A colonoscopy is a procedure that lets your doctor check the lining of your colon for any abnormalities. This may include inflamed (swollen) tissue or polyps (growth of extra tissue).

To make sure your colonoscopy provides the most accurate information, your colon must be clean and free of stool. Your doctor will give you specific instructions to prepare your bowel for the procedure.

During the procedure, an IV will be placed in your arm to give you medication to relax you and relieve pain. Many people do not recall the procedure. You will be lying on your left side during the procedure. Your doctor will pass a flexible tube through your rectum into your colon and insert air to inflate the colon and provide a better view. You may feel pressure, bloating or cramping. Your doctor may collect tissue samples (biopsies) to send to the laboratory for testing. 

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