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Our team is proud to offer a variety of services, including:

  • A full range of patient services, including pediatric and diabetes specialties
  • Follow-up and ongoing clinical evaluations
  • Timely fittings - orthotics in one to two weeks, prosthetics in one or more weeks

High-quality products can help make daily living easy and comfortable. We provide a vast selection of orthotic, prosthetic, custom compression and pediatric devices, including:

  • Custom compression products for patients with lymphedema and varicose veins (includes pregnancy and post lymph-node removal)
  • Foot orthotics, shows and modifications
  • Lower and upper extremity prosthetics devices
  • Lower and upper limb orthotics
  • Myoelectric upper limb prosthetic devices
  • Pediatric bracing, cranial remolding helmets
  • Spinal and scoliosis orthotic service