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We offer a full range of medical management and quality-of-life services for people with Parkinson’s disease and related movement disorders and their families. Our experienced staff uses a team approach to provide specialized Parkinson’s care – physical, social, emotional and spiritual – for patients to maximize function and quality of life.

Physician Services

  • Deep brain stimulation
  • Ongoing management by movement disorders specialists
  • Physician consultation

Rehabilitation Services

  • Occupational therapy including healthy eating assessments
  • Physical therapy including falls prevention assessments
  • Speech therapy with LSVT certified therapists
  • Team assessments
  • Thinking and memory assessments

Social Services

  • Focus Program for recently diagnosed patients
  • Therapeutic Day Program
  • Support Groups
  • Advanced care planning

Struthers Parkinson's Center recognizes the important role family members play in living well with Parkinson’s, and offers support through a variety of programs, including:

  • Care partner support groups
  • Clinical research opportunities
  • Progress & Possibilities conference every fall
  • Respite care through Club CREATE
  • Skill-building classes
  • Social services
  • Wellness activities for care partners and people with Parkinson's