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Our care team can answer your questions about diabetes, weight related concerns, endocrinology and more. 

 Pediatric endocrinologists are board-certified diabetes and endocrinology experts who help children and their families learn about the importance of physical activity, medication administration, healthy eating, blood glucose monitoring, diabetes care fundamentals, thyroid disease as well as disorders of growth, puberty, bone disease and adrenal disorders. 

Certified diabetes educators include nurses and nutrition specialists available to teach self-management skills to help you balance insulin, food and activity. Food records can be reviewed for caloric intake, nutritional adequacy and carbohydrate-counting education. Education also includes training for use of insulin pump and continuous glucose sensor technology as well as pattern management, sick day management and travel. We also help adjust insulin levels for exercise regimens and provide education about lipids, celiac disease and eating disorders.

Nursing support staff schedule and facilitate growth hormone stimulation testing, injection and pen training, assist in navigating benefit coverage paperwork, and submit for coverage re-authorizations and refills.


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