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Our highly-skilled specialists believe in a team approach. If you are experiencing a rheumatic illness, you will meet our care team for a consultation. A care plan will be designed that is tailored to your specific needs.

Our team includes rheumatologists, physician assistants, intravenous (IV) infusion nurses, certified bone density technologists, researchers, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants and other experts.

Rheumatologists are medical doctors qualified to perform diagnostic examinations, order tests and help our patients manage rheumatic disorders. They offer you personalized treatment options like medications,  injections, rehabilitation therapies, self-help technologies and other nonsurgical approaches.

Physician assistants perform many of the same tasks as our rheumatologists, but tend to focus more on patient follow-up visits, joint injections and acute care visits. Physician assistants prescribe medications, write referrals to physical therapy or other specialties, perform physical exams, order lab tests and imaging, and perform procedures.

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