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At Park Nicollet, we provide a wide variety specialized services for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. From rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, osteoarthritis and gout to bursitis, osteoporosis and vasculitis, our specialists can diagnose and treat you.

  • Bone density scans for osteoporosis
  • Clinical research studies
  • Community and professional education
  • IV infusion
  • Laboratory tests
  • Rheumatic and osteoporosis consultations


Bone densitometers are used to assess bone mineral density to determine risk of fractures. Assessment of bone density includes:

  • Education for primary care doctors, other providers and patients regarding drug therapies to treat osteoporosis and lessen fracture risk
  • Education on prevention of bone loss using calcium and Vitamin D intake and exercise
  • Formal consultation with an osteoporosis services specialist for patients with severe or difficult to treat osteoporosis 
  • Personalized assessment of fracture risk
  • Recommendations for treatment to reduce fracture risk