Patient Stories: Beth


I decided it was the right time for bariatric surgery after I trained for three months and jogged Grandma’s half marathon in Duluth in 2009. Despite an active lifestyle, I didn’t drop any weight or clothes sizes during training. In fact, I developed plantar fasciitis in both of my heels throughout training, preventing me from being active after the half-marathon.

I had explored the idea of bariatric surgery previous to the half-marathon, but it was after the summer of 2009 that I knew the time was right. I was ready to take control of my weight once and for all. The informational sessions provided by the Park Nicollet were so interesting and provided enough information to get me started in my journey towards weight-loss surgery. During the entire process, start to finish, the care team was informative and treated me like a friend.

Everyone understood the varying dynamics of obesity and weight-loss surgery. They were extremely supportive and complimentary; I never once sensed any judgment from my care team. The nursing staff was knowledgeable and encouraging and provided the support I needed to feel confident about the entire process.

One interaction that stands out to me was a conversation I had with my nurse, Sabina. It was one of the first nights following my surgery and later in the evening after my significant other had gone home. I was feeling alone and a bit lost, feeling the gravity of a big life change. Sabina came into my room and checked in with me. She proceeded to spend time connecting with me about my interests outside of work and shared some stories about herself. This moment has stuck with me for the past couple years because she saw me as a person, not just a patient. She cared enough to come in and spend a few minutes with me despite her other pressing priorities.

I recommend Park Nicollet because the team will treat you as an individual with unique goals and aspirations. The experience will honor who you are today and the healthy lifestyle you strive to achieve.

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