Patient Stories: Carrie


Meet Carrie. She's a busy mom of three, a full-time advertising account director and a real Park Nicollet patient. She prides herself on her ability to balance such a busy life - though it isn't always easy. To her, being healthy means taking care of herself physically and emotionally. She keeps fit and manages her stress levels through running. "It just gives me a moment to think and keeps me even. I always feel much clearer and refreshed when I get back from a run," she says.

She's also a longtime Park Nicollet patient, starting with her first pregnancy. She's had great experiences and has always felt well cared for, whether she was at the clinic or hospital. And although she hasn't had any major health issues, the little gestures of support she's received along the way have made a big impact. During her second pregnancy, she went through a period of worry that something was wrong. "My nurse practitioner put her hand on my shoulder, looked me right in the eyes and told me she knew how I was feeling because she's been there before. She told me I could call her anytime I was feeling worried," Carrie says. "And just that made me feel a lot better."

After years of great experiences with Park Nicollet, Carries is looking forward to the convenience the Women's Center offers. Saturday all-in-one appointments fit perfectly with Carrie's busy life. "I always feel guilty taking time off work to go to the doctor. I find too, that I tend to put myself last," she says. "So with the convenience of everything in one place and Saturday as an option, I think I'd be more likely to make my health care a priority."