Patient Stories: Jeff


I’ve always been a big man. I’m 6 feet, 3 inches, and even at my heaviest, I carried my weight well. In high school, I played football and weighed a healthy 250 pounds. However, as soon as I graduated and stopped playing sports, my weight shot up to 300 pounds.

The extra weight started to affect the rest of my body. I developed painful arthritis in both knees, which made it impossible for me to exercise. Suddenly, I weighed 380 pounds and I knew I needed to do something about it.

I had been considering bariatric surgery for some time, so I asked my doctor at Park Nicollet about Lap-Band. He said I would be a perfect candidate for the procedure.

I viewed the surgery as a second chance for me, I never looked at it as a cure-all. I’m now back to my high school weight. Since my Lap-Band procedure, I’ve run seven 5K races and my first mini-triathalon. It’s no longer an issue of if I’m too fat; I know that I can do this. It has become a whole new mindset for me.

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