Patient Stories: Ken and Kathleen and Lily


We were not sure what to expect as Kathleen’s pregnancy was reaching our due date. That is, in terms of what would happen when we made it to Methodist Hospital and it was "go time." Sure, we took the prep classes but, as you know, nothing compares to the actual birth.

To say it bluntly, we were absolutely blown away! The attention provided by the entire team while we were in your care was astounding. We believe this starts from the top with our doctor, Dr. Lynn Hagedorn. We were fortunate to have been one of her patients throughout the nine-month prenatal phase. Imagine our surprise and comfort to know that Dr. Hagedorn would be the one to ultimately deliver Lily.

Without exception, every single person we came across was outstanding. Unfortunately, in the bliss of getting to know Lily in those first days, we recall mostly first names. Ann Morre, Joy, Jennifer, Ami, Marci, Sharon, Barb, Connie, Sarah and Steve Engler all exceeded our expectations. There are others whose names we do not recall, but will forever remember their help. We felt at ease and safe throughout the entire event. We could not have had a better experience.

Thank you for steering Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital to where it is today.


Ken, Kathleen and Lily

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