Patient Stories: Mike


MikeI grew up in an era before preventive care was strongly advocated. As an adult, I realize my parents and their generation could have done much to prevent illnesses that afflicted them in later years. My mother smoked all her life and had sinus problems. My father neglected exercise; in his older years he suffered from obesity and diabetes. My brother-in-law died from colon cancer in his 50s without ever having a colonoscopy. My older brother died of a heart attack at 59, and had neglected routine physicals and checkups. 

Fortunately for me, I married Maggie, who is in the health care profession. She has always inspired me with her knowledge and regiment of nutrition and fitness. She works hard every day to eat well, exercise and stay healthy. And now that I am a grandparent, I am motivated by wanting to be healthy and present for my grandchildren as they grow up. My own children did not really get to know my parents because they died at 67 and 73. I am determined to do what I can to live way beyond them. 

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