Patient Stories: Stephanie


Meet Stephanie. She's a biotech sales rep and mom to two boys. She's also a fine art photographer who recently had her first major art show - a series of portraits titled "The Diastema Project: There's much to be said about a Gap-Toothed Grin.

"My favorite thing to photograph is people," she says. "As a scientist I'm very curious about people, what makes them tick. And I enjoy the process of photographing them for portraits."

When she was 35, her brother had a major stroke. "It changed our family's lives," she says. "I began to think more seriously about my health and my future." She had high blood pressure, and wanted to have children, so she partnered with her doctor to prepare herself for healthy pregnancies.

Today, she still takes her health care seriously. "I have two boys that I want to see grow up, and I don't want them to experience what my brother's son experienced" she says. "I also want to model for my kids the importance of taking good care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle."