Bariatric Surgery & Weight Center: Patient Stories

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Bariatric Surgery


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Beth square photo


"I was ready to take control of my weight once and for all. The informational sessions provided by the Park Nicollet were so interesting and provided enough information to get me started in my journey towards weight-loss surgery."


Jeff, Bariatric Surgery patient, playing football with family


"The extra weight started to affect the rest of my body. I developed painful arthritis in both knees, which made it impossible for me to exercise." 


Laura and story


"I realized I was watching my family live instead of living with them. The very next day on the way home from work, I heard a radio ad for Park Nicollet Bariatric Surgery Center." 


Tammy and Joe on a motorcycle

Tammy and Joe

"One thing that hasn't changed since the surgery is our weekly date nights. Joe just bought a Harley, so we get on the motorcycle and go for a ride every Tuesday night."



Wayne healthy eating


"When our family relocated to Minnesota for work, I decided I wanted to sort out my health issues. My general practitioner recommended I contact Park Nicollet Bariatric Surgery Center, and the rest, as they say, is history."


kathy and grandsonKathy L

"I used to snack all day. I couldn’t pass up the cookies, donuts and treats that are always around in my workplace. But now, food is not on the forefront of my thinking at all."