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Family Birth Center 
6500 Excelsior Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

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Family Birth Center water birth with care team

Park Nicollet Family Birth Center’s innovative facility is staffed by nearly 200 medical professionals and can accommodate vaginal and cesarean deliveries, including vaginal birth after cesarean, water births, mothers requiring specialized care and babies born prematurely or with special needs. Family Birth Center staff delivers more than 3,500 babies every year.

OB-GYN clinicians

Park Nicollet’s 60-plus doctors and nurse practitioners work together to provide comprehensive prenatal care, testing, and medical and surgical treatments. Park Nicollet obstetricians work together to provide a complete range of services and all are board-certified (or board-eligible) by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Hospital care is shared among our doctors. While we cannot guarantee which doctor will deliver your baby, we can guarantee that when you’re ready, we’re ready. Experienced hospital care is available for you around the clock, every day of the year.

Certified nurse-midwives

Park Nicollet certified nurse-midwives offer a personal health care approach to childbirth. They see birth as a normal yet extraordinary event in your life and focus on helping you take charge of your own health and wellness. Park Nicollet certified nurse-midwives provide complete obstetrical care for healthy women, including water births, hydrotherapy, vaginal deliveries and vaginal birth after cesarean deliveries. Women cared for by our midwives also have the option to choose Centering Pregnancy® group prenatal care or traditional prenatal visits. The midwives of Park Nicollet believe that honoring your traditions, beliefs and personal choices are key to providing exceptional care.

Lactation consultants

During your stay our highly skilled lactation consultants and trained nursing care team are always available to support you with education, tips, information, and products to make your breastfeeding experience successful and rewarding. Experienced registered nurses, board certified as lactation consultants, coach you through each phase of breastfeeding to ensure your baby has a healthy start. Park Nicollet lactation consultants are available during your hospital stay and once you return home. The Breastfeeding Center at
Park Nicollet, located in the Health & Care store of the Meadowbrook Building on the
Methodist Hospital campus, offers breast pumps, nursing bras and additional items to
aid in breastfeeding.

Nursing care team

Our specially trained nurses and support staff provide you with round-the-clock care within steps of your hospital room. The Methodist care team is highly skilled and committed to providing a safe, nurturing and calm environment for you and your baby. We partner with top notch anesthesiologists, integrative practitioners and your labor doula or birthing coach to provide you with an individualized and special birth experience. We have highly skilled operating room staff available 24/7 and in-house obstetricians who are steps from your delivery room at all times as your labor and delivery progresses. We are dedicated to providing you with an amazing experience from the moment you arrive until the thrilling moment you go home with your new baby. Once you are discharged we continue to support you with Park Nicollet’s home care services, The Breastfeeding Center, Pediatrics care and the clinicians you developed relationships with throughout your pregnancy.