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Family Birth Center 
6500 Excelsior Blvd.
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

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When it comes to your baby, you want the best. The Family Birth Center is a state-of-the-art facility that provides an exceptional experience for mom and baby, while providing the best possible care for a smooth and steady labor and delivery, and a warm and confident start to your first precious moments as parents.

Labor and delivery

The Family Birth Center’s innovative facility can accommodate vaginal and cesarean deliveries, including vaginal birth after cesarean. We also offer hydrotherapy tubs for laboring and water birth. We are unique in the Twin Cities in that we have four water birthing suites which allows for a near guarantee that you will not miss the opportunity
due to another mother using the tub. 

Water Birth

Water birth has grown in popularity as many women find water birth offers a gentle, empowering labor and birth. Park Nicollet certified nurse-midwives offer water birth as an option for women with low-risk pregnancies, and the newly remodeled Family Birth Center features four water birthing suites with large freestanding hydrotherapy birthing tubs.

Studies show laboring in warm water often reduces the length of labor and other medical interventions like c-sections and episiotomies. The water helps women relax and cope better with contractions, reducing the need for pain medication. Some women choose to labor in the water then get out for delivery. Other women decide to labor and deliver in the water. Either option can help create a positive, fulfilling experience.

If you are interested in water birth, call 952-993-3282 to schedule an appointment with one of our nurse-midwives.

Integrative therapies

Whether you’re planning for a medication-free delivery or you know you want that epidural, the Family Birth Center offers a variety of integrative therapies to help you have a more relaxed, more comfortable experience. You can choose among our complimentary services such as aromatherapy, which has been shown to decrease pain and anxiety; acupressure bands to help with nausea; massage therapy; music therapy and more as we work together to support your birth journey.

Special Care Nursery

Our Special Care Nursery is designed for the newborn who needs a little extra care.
Private rooms support parents’ needs as we partner with you to care for your newborn. Every baby’s nursery room has family space, breast pumps and private breast milk refrigerators for your convenience. Neonatal nurse practitioners provide specialized care 24-hours a day to support the developmental needs of your newborn.

Post-labor care

The first few hours and days after the birth of your child are crucial to your recovery and
to the health of your baby. We are committed to helping you have a wonderful birth experience and making sure you and your baby are well prepared to go home. Your stay
at the Family Birth Center is a time for you to become comfortable with your new role as a parent, and to learn to care for yourself and your new baby. Our nurses and other staff will be there for you around the clock. The length of your hospital stay is based on your progress, and can vary from 24 to 48 hours.

Safety and security

The safety and security of your baby are as important to us as your baby’s health, and it begins before anyone is allowed to enter the Family Birth Center. Each visitor who enters our secured unit is screened and registered to ensure safety and security at all times.
After delivery, your baby will have two unique Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital ID
bracelets put on immediately. Our baby identification system will also include a matching wristband for you and another for the father, your partner or your third person of choice. This identification is checked each time your baby is brought to you. 

Newborn photography

We want to help you document the precious moments in your baby’s first days. Newborn photography is available through First Day Photo. The portrait session is free and takes place in the comfort of your room. You will view your proofs in your room shortly after your session, and will have the option to purchase a package if you choose. Unlike traditional prints, First Day Photo provides only high-resolution digital images. This includes full copyright permission, so you can make unlimited prints and use the images online.

MyoCare Therapeutic Massage Services

Methodist Hospital partners with MyoCare to bring patients in-room, therapeutic massage. Post-natal massage can help new moms by promoting healing, reducing anxiety and calming and soothing. To learn more, call 651-269-6951.

Childbirth classes

Park Nicollet’s childbirth and baby preparation classes are provided by Amma Parenting Center. Amma offers a wide variety of prenatal and new parent programs, events and workshops. For a list of classes, fees and registration, visit
or call 952-926-BABY.