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"The on-call neurologist, Dr. Nance, explained the CT scan and MRI revealed I had a brain tumor in my upper-left skull. I was scheduled for brain surgery with Dr. Baimeedi the following Wednesday afternoon. During my brain surgery, Dr. Baimeedi removed the meningioma (which was benign). The surgery went swiftly, and two days later, I remember meeting this delightful surgeon."


Before I had my cervical fusion, I thought my life as a farmer was over – I was miserable and in so much pain. Dr. Bottini and his staff changed my life and I'm now pain free and living life to the fullest.


During my surgery and recovery at Park Nicollet, I was extremely impressed. Dr. Baimeedi checked in with me every day and his no-nonsense attitude and bedside manner was just what I needed to keep myself positive and recover quickly. There is no question in my mind that I would refer anyone to Dr. Baimeedi as my experience was top notch!


I am a wife and mother of three very active girls, plus I’m employed full time. Our lives are very busy. One day in early January, I woke up with a pain in my neck running into my shoulder. I thought it was a knot and it would go away in a few days, but it didn’t. After two weeks, numbness started running down my right arm and into my thumb. This completely put me in a panic; I thought I was having a stroke.


Within a week after surgery, I stopped needing any pain medication. Within a couple weeks, I was walking at the same pace as before I was injured. I consider my surgery with Dr. Bottini to have been very successful.


When I first walked into Neurosurgery, I had minimal function and strength in my right arm. Today, it’s as if there had never been a problem. I have complete use and strength again! I am so grateful to my care team, especially Dr. Baimeedi, for giving me back a life without limitations