Walk-in exams for kids

We're here to help kids get ready
for school with walk-in exams,
immunizations and sports physicals.

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We're all ears

Signs of hearing loss are different with children.

Talk to your doctor if you’ve noticed changes

in your child’s behavior at home or school.

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Say goodbye to sneezing

Back-to-school shouldn't meant back to
allergies. Our doctors can help your kids
feel great and get back to fun.

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Start with a smile

Send your kids back to school this year with
big, healthy smiles. HealthPartners Dental
Clinics offer 18 convenient locations.

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With MyChart, you can 
quickly access your electronic
medical record and communicate
with your care team.

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Keep an eye out

If you notice your child is

squinting, gets headaches while

reading or complains of blurry

vision, it’s time for an eye exam.

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