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Good things happen when you have a primary care doctor.
Knowing you have a partner to support your long-term
health gives you confidence and peace of mind.

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Stretch your limits

Every movement and activity makes a difference.
Improve your health by standing, walking, stretching and
playing more. If moving is hard for you, our experts can help.

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Get a healthy night's sleep

Sleep helps keep your immune system strong and is
important for your overall physical and emotional health.
If you’re having trouble getting Zzz’s, we can help.

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Drop the pop

Want to improve your health and feel better? Drop sugar-sweetened drinks
from your diet. Soda and sweet coffee drinks like lattes and mochas can
contain more than 300 empty calories.

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A new kind of care

On a high-deductible health plan?
Save money with our most flexible
care model. SmartCare offers you
affordable, convenient care.

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TRIA acute injury clinic

Injured with a strain, sprain
or fracture? Visit TRIA in
Bloomington or Maple Grove
for immediate, walk-in care.

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