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Love and Legacy Campaign: Honoring patients, family and community

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Park Nicollet Foundation has a history of innovation, distinction and powerful collaborations in the areas of cancer care, hospice and palliative care, and children's mental health. By focusing on these areas in our Love and Legacy Campaign, we will partner with generous donors, Park Nicollet team members and volunteers throughout our community to harness their passion and expertise to create lasting impact and change.

Total Goal = $10 million

Love and Legacy Giving Areas

Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center

In response to the growing need for cancer care, Park Nicollet Foundation and Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center have joined together to rally our community.

Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center expansion

Since opening in 2009, Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center has seen an 8% increase in patients seeking our patient-centered care and healing environment. Due to the increase in patients, we have out grown our current space and have had to resort to sending 34% of our patients to overflow areas across Methodist Hospital and throughout our care system. However, with donor help, we will expand our patient-centered space into our second floor shell space to ensure all patients will benefit from our non-moving, patient-centered model of care.

Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center Survivorship Program

Cancer survivors need to be knowledgeable about the type of cancer they have, the type of treatment they have received, and the potential late side effects of the treatment. They also need emotional support to help them understand and cope with the illness they have overcome. The Park Nicollet Frauenshuh Cancer Center Survivorship Program is an essential extension of our patient-centered care and demand for the program is rapidly growing. With donor help our Survivorship Program will grow to provide all patients and families with the support they need to transition from treatment to life after cancer.

Goal = $4 million

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Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital Hospice and Palliative Care

Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital Hospice and Palliative Care team – and every palliative and hospice care team across the country – struggles with gaps in the health care system that can lead to fragmentation of a patient's care, communication barriers and multiple transitions across care settings. Our vision for palliative and hospice care includes the addition of:

  • A Transition Guide Role, who will walk with patients and families and help them navigate complex care decisions during transitions in care settings.
  • A Comfort Care Bed Program, which will allow for seamless end-of-life care for the most fragile patients currently in the hospital and nearing end of life.

Goal = $1 million

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Children's Mental Health Endowment Fund

For more than 40 years, Park Nicollet Foundation has been committed to developing innovative programs to help children and families access mental health care, cope with depression, grief, anxiety and eating disorders. Establishing a permanent endowment fund will ensure that Park Nicollet Foundation, in partnership with schools and community organizations, will always have resources available to help children struggling with mental health issues.

Goal = $3 million

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Additional Philanthropic Opportunities

Park Nicollet Foundation has the ability to have an impact on many areas of need. Our goal with the Love and Legacy Campaign is to give donors an opportunity to turn their philanthropic dreams into reality. We know that the areas we are presenting for giving with this campaign may not represent your dreams. Because of Park Nicollet Foundation's access to partnerships and deep community understanding, we can help you bring your dreams to life. We are happy to work with you to turn your vision into action.

Goal = $2 million

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