Volunteer Services: Summer Volunteer Applications


Summer volunteer openings: applications will be accepted from April 15th - May 15th

Due to a higher than expected number of summer-only applications, our summer program is filled at this time, and we are no longer accepting applications. We thank you for your interest. If you are able to commit beyond "summer only" please visit our Become a Volunteer page.

Qualifications for the summer volunteer program:

1. Applicants must be at least 15 years of age before the May 15th application cut-off date. 
2. The summer volunteer program runs from May/June - August. Volunteer shift are flexible depending on applicant's schedule. If you will be gone during the summer for more than two weeks, please do not apply. 
3. Health assessments are administered by our Employee Occupational Health Services office at the Methodist Hospital. Typically, applicants complete the on-site interview and health assessment on the same day. 
4. Due to high applicant volumes, we are unable to guarantee a volunteer position for every applicant. 
5. Please allow one week after the May 15th application deadline to hear from our office regarding scheduling an on-site interview.