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Wherever you are in your struggle with an eating disorder, Melrose Center can help. We treat men, women and children with all types of eating disorders.

Getting Started at Melrose Center
Your first step is to call and speak with one of our care managers, who will help you schedule an initial assessment and answer any questions you may have. During your initial assessment, you will meet with compassionate professionals who will work with you to better understand your unique situation.

An initial assessment typically includes a meeting with a licensed psychologist to determine your diagnosis. In some cases, an evaluation by a medical doctor and lab work may be needed.

If you have an eating disorder diagnosis, we will work with you to determine the level of care and treatment recommendation. Your partners in care will include a care manager, as well as medical, emotional and nutritional care experts.

During the initial assessment at Melrose Center, in addition to diagnosing a potential eating disorder, we are uniquely able to provide specialized care for eating disorders and substance abuse, type 1 diabetes, young children and adolescents, and athletes.

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