Caring for women

A rich, full life can mean a very full calendar. The new Park Nicollet
Women's Center offers 15 plus preventive and specialty care services under
one roof, plus a women's health naviagator to help you coordinate a 
really busy schedule and exceptional care. Specializing in the real you.

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Caring for you

Know your numbers and be heart healthy. Find
out key heart health indicators like blood pressure,
glucose and cholesterol levels at a preventive health
visit at any of our 20 clinics. For everything you LOVE.

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Pollen is in the air

Spring is here, and so are all of your favorite seasonal allergies,
including pollen, grass and mold. We can give you a definitive
diagnosis and help treat your symptoms. For everything you love. 

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Goodbye varicose veins

Our vascular surgeons can eliminate painful and
unsightly varicose veins in a single outpatient surgery
session. This minimally-invasive procedure is covered
by most insurance. For everything you love.

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Sign up for MyChart

With MyChart, you can 
quickly access your electronic
medical record and communicate
with your care team.

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Women's Center event

Join us May 17 for a morning of
wellness at the new Park Nicollet
Women's Center. Enjoy food and
drinks, tours, live music and more!

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