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Love and Legacy Campaign: Honoring patients, family and community

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Park Nicollet Foundation has a history of innovation, distinction and powerful collaborations that enhance the health and wellbeing in people’s lives. Our Love & Legacy Campaign brings focus and attention to initiatives to advance care and address unmet needs. In partnership with caring donors, team members and volunteers, we can harness passion and expertise to create lasting impact and change.

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Children’s Health and Well-being

When a child is struggling, the entire family is affected. A child’s school attendance, grades, extra-curricular activities, friendships, self-worth and sleep are impacted. Whether its grief, loss, trauma, a mental health condition, stress or anxiety, these experiences can derail a child’s development leading to life-long negative impact.

Park Nicollet Foundation is building on our more than 21-year commitment to investing in children’s mental health and wellbeing through collaborative school-based programming. We seek to improve access, expand knowledge and understanding, reduce stigma, support training and education and enhance programs to help all children and families.

We believe this to be one of the most important investments we can make to ensure the health and wellbeing of future generations.

Our Love & Legacy Children’s Mental Health and Well-being Campaign will ensure widespread community support for our effective school-based collaborative programs. This campaign also supports our vision for delivering trainings, expanding interventions, providing culturally sensitive care and building unique and creative community collaborations to improve mental health and wellbeing for children and families in our community.

Goal - $5 million

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