Weight management

   Overview Age and BMI guidelines  Frequency  Appointments  Online resources 
One-time dietitian visit  One-time visit with a dietitian provides an ideal starting point
All ages; BMI over 25  One-time dietitian visit  952-993-3333  Learn more 
Personalized weight management Provides accountability and support (less intense than medical weight management)
All ages; BMI over 25  7 sessions with a dietitian (last 5 can be done by phone)  952-993-3333 Learn more 
Medical weight management The MWM program includes working on lifestyle changes with team support and for appropriate patients, the use of medications to help changes the internal body systems that contribute to your struggle with weight. We work with you to make aggressive lifestyle changes, and medications could be used with appropriate candidates. With all of these interventions, we are trying to lower your set point weight to make weight loss more successful for you. adults 18-65 BMI 27 or greater Individualized to patient needs Free online seminar Learn more
Bariatric surgery  Three types of surgical procedures: adjustable gastric band, gastric bypass and vertical sleeve gastrectomy
adults 18-65 BMI 27 or greater Preoperative visits, follow-up care after surgery Free online seminar  Learn more 
Intensive behavior therapy for obesity  Created specifically for Medicare members Medicare members; BMI over 30  Visit with a dietitian weekly for 1 month, then every other week for 5 months (continue monthly if weight loss is greater than 6.6 pounds)
952-993-3333  Learn more 
Camp 5210 Overnight, family camp at Camp One Heartlant in Willow River, MN. Kids 7-17 struggling to achieve a healthy weight and their families.    1 week each summer. This year will be held June 15-20. Register here Learn more 


Personalized weight management
This program is designed for patients of all ages with a BMI over 25. Our dietitians know how difficult it can be to change eating and activity habits. Our personalized approach to weight management includes an assessment of your current behaviors and education on ways to make lifestyle changes. Discussion topics include: menu planning, portion sizes, timing of meals, beverage choices, label reading, restaurant eating, grocery shopping and food preparations. Call 952-993-3052 to learn more.

Intensive behavior therapy for obesity
This program is specifically designed for Medicare members with a body mass index (BMI) over 30. Offered at eight convenient Park Nicollet Clinic locations, the program provides personalized nutrition services with a registered dietitian to create a successful weight-loss plan. We will help you identify what will work best for you as a unique individual and support your success.