Child and family behavioral health: Overview

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Working together with your family

As a parent, you want the very best for your child. Does your child struggle with behavior, development or emotional issues? Our compassionate team of specialists can help your child thrive. Identifying and starting treatment early are key to helping your child succeed. Our approach is to understand the “whole child.” We look at how biological, mental and environmental factors affect your child.

Who we are

We were formed in 2015 when the Park Nicollet Alexander Center and Adolescent Psychiatry and Psychology department combined into one care team. Our experts have a long history of quality care for children and families. We now have more streamlined services and a wider range of care for your family.

Where to find us

Our main location is on the sixth floor of the 3800 building at Park Nicollet Clinic – St. Louis Park. We also offer care in Maple Grove and at our Creekside location.