Patient Stories: Bonnie


On June 27, I brushed my teeth and went to bed. The next thing I remember, I was sitting in a hospital bed on July 8, looking around and wondering why I was there. Over the following days, I learned I suffered a seizure shortly after I went to bed that night. My husband called 911 and an ambulance took me to Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital. My husband and daughter were both shaken, but thankful that everyone at the hospital was so kind, helpful and comforting. 

The on-call neurologist, Dr. Nance, explained the CT scan and MRI revealed I had a brain tumor in my upper-left skull. I was scheduled for brain surgery with Dr. Baimeedi the following Wednesday afternoon. During my brain surgery, Dr. Baimeedi removed the meningioma (which was benign). The surgery went swiftly, and two days later, I remember meeting this delightful surgeon.

Dr. B, as I have referred to him, spoke to us kindly, in friendly terms, with a sense of humor which my spirit responded to immediately. My memory has some vacant spots, but my family has filled in the empty spots when we talk about this experience. Dr. B did a wonderful job of opening my skull for the surgery … my hair was easy to work with afterwards. The gal who cuts my hair told me that if Dr. B ever needs a job, he can go into business with her.

My hairline scar healed perfectly and was never a problem. My primary doctor, Dr. Palmer, was impressed with my speech and my memory during the weeks and months after surgery. We decided Dr. B had cleaned all of the cobwebs out of my skull! I enjoyed going back to see Dr. B for my follow up appointments because he is such a special man.

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