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Melrose Center St Louis Park
3525 Monterey Drive
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Up to half of those with eating disorders also abuse alcohol or drugs. Research shows any amount of substance use (binge drinking, experimentation with drugs) can negatively affect someone with an eating disorder, making recovery more difficult. These group programs address both eating disorder and substance use behaviors.

At Melrose Center, we offer a full range of individual and group programming for these patients. Research shows that patients with these co-occurring disorders have a more successful long-term recovery when the eating disorder and substance use disorder are treated together by professionals specially trained to work with both conditions. Our team of psychologists, medical doctors, dietitians and chaplains works together to create open, honest and supportive peer-driven interactions that promote healing.

Individualized Care

At Melrose, we recognize that each person’s journey through life and recovery is different. Our individualized care is focused on addressing those differences and customizing the path to recovery based on the individual’s clinical milestones. Patients meet one-on-one with their core team of specialized providers, including a therapist and dietitian.

Appointments with a medical doctor, psychiatrist, occupational therapist and chaplain are also available as needed.

Group Programming at Melrose Center in St. Louis Park

Day program meets Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and is a more intensive, skills-based program. 

Evening program meets Mondays and Thursdays from 4 to 7 p.m. for those with established sobriety and is focused on providing ongoing support and relapse prevention.

These group programs address both eating disorder and substance use disorder behaviors. In addition to RD-supervised meals and snacks, trauma-informed groups including strategy, skills, mind body, interpersonal process, experiential, addiction education and relapse prevention groups are offered on a rotational basis. While receiving encouragement and feedback from staff and peers, patients learn the practice of healthy emotional expression as well as other essential skills for recovery.

“Bulimia and drug addiction controlled my life for many years. I was being smothered by this destructive whirlwind and dragging in all those who crossed my path. If I treated my eating disorder, my drug addiction would take over my life. When I treated my drug addiction, my eating disorder would be in charge. I was always in pain. Only when treating both diseases together did I feel relief. Through my treatment at Melrose Center, my obsessions with drugs and food have been lifted and my life has never been so meaningful. I believe anyone who is willing to be honest enough with themselves to treat both afflictions simultaneously can also achieve a truly peaceful life.” – Melrose Center Eating Disorders and Substance Use Disorder Program Participant